Gwanzi Queens Farming in conjunction with Reedneh trust have started a new project in the Tugela Valley where both the MD2 variety and Queen Victoria variety pineapples are grown under irrigation. The project started in October 2010 and pineapples are currently produced 6 months of the year. The vision is to eventually produce both varieties 12 months of the year. Fruit are supplied to Bakkavor SA( pty) Ltd. The fresh pineapples are then processed into fruit salads and supplied to mayor supermarket including Woolworths SA and Marks and Spencer in the UK.

2. Mkhize Pines
Gwanzi Queens Farming is currently involved in helping a 100% BEE pineapple farming operation in the Hluhluwe area. Gwanzi Queens General manager Dutoit Visser is a mentor to Mkhize Pines.Gwanzi Queens also assist Mr Mkhize with tractors ,impliments, fertilizers and pesticides to enable him to plant pineapples on a year round basis. The marketing of all pineapples grown on Mkhize farms are done by Fred Visser the owner of Gwanzi Queens himself. Pineapples are send with refrigerated trucks to mayor supermarket groups and the mayor fresh produce markets. We at Gwanzi Queens see this as a privilege to help new up coming farmers from the previous disadvantaged communities.