Serving the community

Gwanzi Queens sees itself not as a standalone business, but is proud to be part of a community of our rainbow nation. It is therefore one of the business main goals to give back to the community.

   In Partnership with Bakkavor ( Pty) Ltd Two new classrooms were build for the Glen Park Primary school in the Bushlands,Hluhluwe area. This project will benefit the workers from Gwanzi and surroundings because Glen Park is the only local primary school in the area. The school has grown in the last years and total 450 learners from the area. The kitchen area was also revamped and a strongroom was build to safe keep food,stationary and computers over night.
A visit from third year students of Cedara Agriculture College


This was a visit from third year students of Cedara Agriculture College. We showed them how pineapples is planted as well as the packhouse where the pineapples is packed. Du Toit Visser also gave a lecture on pineapple history and the different stages of growth a pineapple plant goes through.

There was 52 students and 3 lecturers present. The senior lecturer of Horticulture Johan van Veenendaal was the group leader.



Gwanzi Queens assist and contributes in the following projects:

 1. Fred is a founding member of the Hluhluwe Football association established in 1992 with twelve
    clubs. This association is currently affiliated to the South–African football association.

 2. Fred served on the local steering committee and helped in planning the supply of water to the local
     tribal areas around Hluhluwe town.

 3. One of the local Primary Schools closest to the Pineapple farm, called Glen Park Primary School,
     is being supported financially in different ways and water is carted free of charge to the school on
     an ongoing basis.

 4. Du Toit (the owner's son), currently serves as the Chairman of the Hluhluwe Business Chamber
     and is involved in all aspects from helping rate payers to supporting the street hawkers in
     upgrading their facilities.

 5. Du Toit is also one of the founding members of the Hluhluwe Boxing club. The club has produced
     several provincial boxers and also two national champions in the last five years.

 6. Gwanzi Queens is in the process of starting a project in the Kranskop / Greytown area called
   Kwasiza Bantu.This project will involve the plating of pineapples under irrigation which in turn will
     create work for more than two hundred families in one of the poorest regions in Kwazulu-Natal.

 7. Together with the Spar Supermarket in town an annual Zulu dance competition (cultural event) is
organised where more than fifty teams compete in three different categories of dancing.