Gwanzi Queens Pineapple Farm, South Africa

Established over 50 years ago, the award winning Gwanzi Queens, based in Hluhluwe, Kwazulu Natal, has grown into one of largest and most respected pineapple growers in South Africa.

Our farm produce pineapples that are recognised both internationally and locally as a premium brand offering outstanding quality and exquisite taste.

Our produce is distributed to national markets as well as being exported to the United Kingdom and Europe through the year.

We are responsible for growing the finest examples of the ‘Queen’ variety/cultivar of pineapples.

Gwanzi Queens is committed to produce the highest quality pineapples in South Africa, while caring for the environment and the community within it.

Healthy Eating

Pineapples are full of dietary fibre, bromelain (an enzyme) high amounts of manganese, which is an excellent antioxidant. They also contain high amounts of thiamin and vitamin B.

The Environment

Caring for the environment is a fundamental aspect of our business with our understanding that it's important for the health and well being of others.

The Community

We're proud to be part of a community of our rainbow nation and one of our primary goals is to give back to the community in various ways.

Gwanzi pineapples are used as:

fresh produce for salads and cooking
easy snacks for children’s lunchboxes
an important nutritional supplement to any healthy eating program
for processing fruit juice, etc
dried fruit
Gwanzi Queens Pineapple Farm
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